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Hello and welcome stumagoo,
A good size between the forks is 2 1/2" or 3" and the grip should fit your closed hand plus a little. Many of us make and use brace-less forks partly because they work so well if gripped properly, and they take even less space when you take them with you. A wrist brace is most of the time not needed when using a "high V style" grip where the forefinger and thumb are up close to the bands. This means less leverage working against your wrist and increased accuracy due in part to "point and shoot" ergonomics. It is well suited to instinctive quick shots at game with powerful bands and even good with lower power target bands and a more deliberate aiming style. Unless you have wrist or hand weakness I would encourage you to try brace-less slingshots. Most are hooked forever if they give them a fair chance.
Hope that helps.
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