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Here is set of limited edition multiplex prowlers with double palmswell made from red oak, These 5 gorgeous shooters fit like a glove and look absolutely stunning, There will only be 5 of these ever made so scoop them up while you can!

Tex shooter is the whole reason I am here, I believe this man knows more about slingshots than any one of us could ever dream to and without his encouragement I would have never progressed to where I am today. I can never ever thank Tex enough for what he has done for me, He kicked off my first sale and bought my first shooter off Ebay, Looking back I am not ashamed to admit it wasnt very well constructed but Tex thought enough to put that little bit of cash into my pocket and drive me further.

Because of all this I had decided Tex needed to see my progress, See what he gave life too and helped progress over this last year, so I offered to make him A tradition style shooter free of charge, He gladly accepted and this is what came about! The whole time I was making these Tex and his wife were on my mind, Bill I want you to know that these shooters are dedicated to you and your familys well being and I hope that it works out as sort of a "good luck" charm for you as I know you have given me so much already that I could never repay you any other way.

Tex will receive #69 (Which is not shown in the pics, I will leave that to him if he so desires to show it once he receives)

As always they are coated with over 5 coats of the highest quality polyurethane I can aquire, These high quality shooters wont last long at the insane price of $50CDN each + shipping, They will come banded up with a set of my theraband gold target shooting bandsets free of charge so that you can shoot it right out of the package.

If you are interested in scooping one of these up send me a PM and I will get the ball rolling!


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It seems like everytime i check out your content there's another thing i want to buy unfortunately this is out of reach for now. But they are absolutely gorgeous, Well Done and Congratulations on making it this far!
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