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This post is a feeble attempt at expressing something no words what can word eill word enough.

'Endeavor to persevere' was said to me in a Fb message by a fine slinger as a sort of truth, sort of jest. But the popculture reference/allusion is to the Cherokee Chief in The Outlaw Josey Wales. We use allusions to effect an impact or share deeper meaning in literature and conversations. It's where all these stinking memes originated.

And here in SSF our 'hobby' is a vastly deep allusion to a connection and endeavor that many outsiders do not understand. I mean, how can a silly kid's toy be so important to grown humans? A forked stick with rubber bands. Haha... they haven't met y'all. They haven't had a late night distress call from humans that have never met in 'real life'. Or made one. Someone who just needs to talk to a kind and hearing ear. These poor folks have never had a rotten no count no good very bad day and then recieve a generous slingmail package unexpectedly. Or had an epiphany while walking the woods with a folding saw on a fork hunt. Or made a major break through in their self awareness by focusing so very sharply while shooting their favorite flip. Or had a surprisingly vivid memory of a loved while sanding for hours.

But I hope they do someday. I hope they can tell who a person is just by the slingshot, or dog, in a pic from the other side of the world. I hope they start learning another language to exchange recipes for game they may never hunt (Not many Iguanas in TN. Also ardillo means squirrel, not Iguanas de arbol).

But mostly I hope they find a connection to each other in a similarly strong fashion. So many times I have been down or just off balance and come here to read the most amazing tales of real life and humanity at its best.

Last year I had to take some time deal with 'stuff' that I put off. Mostly grief that I had not dealt while I was caring people. Just an excuse to avoid unpacking my baggage. And I made it through. I am blessed with fine friends, family, and mean ole karate mentors. If I ever share that stuff it will likely be here because of the trust and sincerity.

In summation, I like it here.
I like y'all and I am very happy to be back. Check on your neighbors they may need a slingshot.

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Well said brother Pat. This forum has had such a positive influence on my life most people don't believe me. But the people here keep me in the sport more than the slingshots. In every other shooting sport I have discussed online, I have been treated roughly and poorly. However slingers are just a special breed, they are kind and uplifting, the kind of people one wants to associate with :)

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Very glad and honoured to be your friend!!!

We only need a trade of some sort to seal our friendship ;)

I've made your acquaintance by mutual friends and on a social network. I still feed the dream of making a visit to the other side of the pond ...There's no impossibilites!!

On very critical and defying times, we have the mission of keeping our mutual hobby alive.

Nothing will be the same as ever but, lest we forget our normal lives...

Wise words, sir!!

Cheers ...Q
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