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In my retirement I take out the trash on Wednesday, wind the clock on Thursday and go grocery shopping on Saturday. But every morning I check the auction site for vintage slings. I'm not a collector, its just something I do. There was an earlier thread on SSF mentioning a Roberts Rocket up for sale. IIRC it would cost about $60. Way out of my price range. One day I saw this for "Buy it now" for $8 and nearly sprained my wrist pushing the key to buy it.

Really nice shape. It really shines and shot very little. Here are a couple of pics.

Glasses Goggles Sunglasses Vision care Eye glass accessory

Automotive lighting Audio equipment Earplug Cable Gas

Wood Electric blue Font Metal Fashion accessory

Bicycle part Gas Composite material Wire Event

Automotive lighting Cable Wire Plastic Cleanliness

The bands are good shape except where they attach to the forks. A little dry, not too bad. I have plenty of slings to shoot so I'm not looking to shoot this one at this time.

Thanks for looking.



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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