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Soft Steel Bearings.

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G'day has anyone used or using steel ball bearings that are low carbon soft steel bearings. Even though they are rated as soft steel they still have a 105b (brinel scale) hardness. Just wondering if they are suitable to shoot as slingshot ammo? I have recently come across a site in the UK that will have 3000 of them shipped to me for 50 AUD which is incredible.
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I haven't noticed whether mine are "hard" or "soft" (high or low C). I doubt cans or rabbits would be able to notice the difference. And for a great price like that, I might be willing to risk it! Also betting the "soft" ones are still harder than lead.
Yeah true I will post a link to the site if you would like.馃憤Worldwide shipping.
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Now, that was fun.
Haha I was more so considering the fact that they might shadder as some low carbon steel does when it comes in contact with hardy things.
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