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I did some penetration testing with some commonly used bands tonight. I had a piece of industrial sheet rock for testing. In back of the sheet rock I had a piece of firm foam. I drew each one of these bands back as far as I could. I was shooting trumark white marbles. I understand this in no way is a scientific test and probably proves nothing.

I tested the following bands for penetration.

Saunders black mamba bands.

- Went fully through the sheet rock and halfway through the foam backing.

Thera Band Gold. Single stranded 1 1/8th" wide tapered to 3/4" and 8" long with a light pouch.

- Stretched out fully I could only get the ammo to stick into the sheet rock. I could not get full penetration.

Trumark RR2 black tubes.

- About the same as the thera gold. Stuck in but no full penetration. I was also using rotating prongs.

Trumark RRT red tubes.

- Full penetration through the sheet rock and almost as deep into the foam as the Saunders bands.

1745 Chinese black tubes. Set up single looped style (as they would be if you bought a jungle hunter)

- Could not get the ammo to stick into the sheet rock. Bounced off every time.

Conclusion. The Saunders black mambas and Trumarks RRT bands were the clear winners here. Thanks for reading.

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I would say that what this most likely shows is what we could call "The Butterfly Effect"..... (not the movie).... Extremely stretched tapered and fast bands shoot light ammo unbelievably fast with amazing penetration. A marble has the same weight as a 3/8" steel ball.

I would suspect that the other bands you tested would begin to shine with increasingly heavier ammo and the RRT Red tubes would begin to be less impressive as you went up the ammo weight scale.

This is the same kind of discussion and discovery that Archers have (minus the sharp broadhead issue) about light weight arrows shot from fast bow vs. heavy arrow from OK speed bow. Within reason I've concluded that they both can do a fine job. Lighter has less trajectory drop, heavier shafts have more, but I believe in shooting "CLOSE" with primitive type gear (no matter what space age technology it's made with) so it really evens the playing field IMHO.

Neat little test!!!

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Yeah... the scientist in me is screaming right now!
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