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Hye my name is Simon I am new here I'm from belgium and these are a couple of slingshots i've made
the first one : is made out of a 10 inch steel rod and pine
the second one is made out of mahony sypo just like the third and the fourth
and the fifth is made out of a steel rod and some paracord the third one is still under construction

I hope you like them leave a comment behind and if you want to trade just let me know

I can't upload the foto any help with this maybe ?

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Did you use the "Attach This File" method? Thats the one I use and that works for me!

1. Browse
2. Find your Foto on your harddrive and press open
3. Klick Attach This File"

That should do it!

Hope this helps!

I dont know how to get the pictures in the actual post... Maby some one can tell me=)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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