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Alright, let's get to it.

I present the Gyptoid; based off my Sour Gypsy natty.

View attachment 375160

She started life as a small Chinese Elm fork I trimmed off a tree in the front yard.

View attachment 375161

Took off the bark.

View attachment 375162

Trimmed her down and did a bit of sanding,

View attachment 375164

It was raining out, when I put her all together, so I didn't get any build pics :(

But basically, I super glued on some Atwood Rope Micro Cord for tabs and I drilled and glued the same for a handle extension. The Micro Cord has a 100 lb breaking strength.

I whipped the tabs after the super glue dried with some Atwood Nano Cord.

Then I wrapped the tabs with leather to give a bit of protection and I also wrapped the handle/extension to give some grip.

She's banded with 1636 ZHUIYIXINIAN tubes and a PRECISE 3 hole pouch.

Shooting 32 cal lead.

Here's a few glamour shots.

View attachment 375167

View attachment 375168

View attachment 375169

View attachment 375170

View attachment 375171

Yeah, I changed Altoid Boxes mainstream; I thought she looked better in black.

Thanks for watching.
That’s an awesome little nattie you built there CPU. The extension was a really nice touch 👍
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