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SOTM - June 2022 - Make a Matching Set

For June we are going with a Matching Set. Do you have a favorite knife or weapon?
Make a slingshot not only to match your weapon, but to be presented with your knife or weapon as a Matched set.

You can do whatever you want including making your own weapon to match your slingshot, but the minimum requirement is for you to make your slingshot match the other piece that you are entering with it.

The slingshot itself must be your own work, a new build only, and must be accompanied with dated building pics or videos throughout the month, starting today at the earliest - and ending at 11:59pm, June 30th 2022

*Up to 3 entries per person this month maximum.

*The voting and final judging will be determined by a poll first, and then we have a pannel of 6 judges at this time that will make the final judgment for the Gold, Silver, & Bronze awards.

The person's with the most votes are usually the winners but in the end, our pannel of judges will make the final decision...

*There will be Gold, Silver, & Bronze Badges awarded.
*All entries must be posted into this June 2022 SOTM thread.
*Any other threads started in another section for a frame that is also entered in this sotm will not be considered because we want to keep all entries located within this thread.
* Any slingshots made or started before this date (May 30, 2022) are not eligible.

🌞 This is the first time that we've had a dedicated "Matched Set SOTM"
___So start building and let's have some fun 🌞
1 - 20 of 181 Posts