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Well this not going my way the wood is just full worms 🐛 still alive after 2 years eating all my heart 💜 wood . I am not happy camper but this what I saved not much limits to what I can do . So wood had bad grain a braking spot so be safe it got stuck to g10 . Got a lot of stuff to deal with making hole centre and pins and grooves all that jive haha fun fun fun 🤩. But my black walnut hash pipe is rocking haha . This is a Sunday set relax and shoot chill out . Here’s some pics guys hope you like my take on a set 100% Canadian made 😁 cheers boys waiting on stuff from Amazon to go forward
Wood Finger Flooring Thumb Nail

Hand Wood Gesture Finger Art

Gesture Finger Wood Thumb Musical instrument

Glasses Vision care Wood Finger Eyelash

Wood Finger Gesture Hardwood Thumb

Wood Gesture Finger Thumb Art

Hand Wood Finger Thumb Flooring

Hand Wood Gesture Finger Thumb

Gesture Electric blue Art Artifact Chemical compound
41 - 60 of 181 Posts