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SOTM May 2021 - minimal tools

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I've been messaged a few times recently about these competitions possibly favouring exotic builds using specialist machinery. Considering my first ever slingshot only used a saw to cut the branch and a craft knife to shape (nothing else) - and many of my more recent builds were a coping saw / file and sandpaper. Think this month would be great to highlight that you don't need much to get a sweet looking high-end frame made.

So this month - using as few tools as possible I'd like to see some cool frames.

Please list the tools used for each build ( different sandpaper grades in this case I'd count as a single tool), but any final finish as in CA / Varnish / BLO etc. and applicator won't be included in this. Also if multitools are used - each specific blade/function used would be considered a tool in its own right. Power tools are also allowed - but again any change to attachment is an extra tool (Ie - table router trim bit = 1 tool & beading bit = 1 tool)

Any material can be used - tree branch / G10 / Metal - absolutely no restrictions.

Past that same rules as always - created / first displayed this month...
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dat gum , Im usually too late , this time Im too early lol
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