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  • 1) Jcharmin92 - 1st entry

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  • 5) bottlecap - 1st entry

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  • 6) Jcharmin92 - 3rd entry

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Choose your favorite either from each poll or by itself. This time with 23 entrants there will be 3 separate polls but only one overall winner, then 2nd & 3rd places.
Here's the list of entries with the best pics under their names, followed by all of the work links to their build.

1) Jcharmin92 - 1st entry

Tool Gesture Finger Hand tool Bicycle part

2) Jcharmin92 - 2nd entry

Bicycle part Purple Finger Wood Human leg

3) Ibojoe

Wood Natural material Hardwood String instrument accessory Art

4) Portboy - 1st entry

White Light Guitar accessory Asphalt String instrument accessory

5) bottlecap - 1st entry

Tool Wood Bicycle part Scale Metal

6) Jcharmin92 - 3rd entry

Hand Yellow Plant Gesture Finger

7) Sharker

Bicycle part Wood Human leg Metal Fashion accessory

8) bigdh2000 - 1st entry

Shoe Basic pump Foot Thigh Wood

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And this?
In order for your build to be eligible, it had to have been entered into last months contest here -
Read thru the rules in the first post, it explains everything pretty good -

Then this month is nattys and you can find it listed under December SOTM in the Competitions Forum here -

The current SOTM is always stuck close to the top of the competitons forum, here along with all of the different competitions -

If you have any questions, let me know here or send me a pm.
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