Awesome PMC 790 material is what the 4 Slingshots are made from.

2 Axiom Champs
1 upscale Axiom Champ
1 upscale Axiom Champ dedicated OTT


- $ 70.00 Shipped to the US This material or task 12 I typically sell at $80.00 or more, plus shipping

- This is sold as a carefree type slingshot made so as to not worry about abrasions, impacts. My personal EDCs are of a similar material (task 12) and I love the carefree aspect of materials like these !!

- The looks are on the level of "not refined" because it is a difficult material to refine so it is not going to be highly refined by detail sanding. It tends to get smoother the more it is handled.

- The material has the slight ability to flex at this thickness (a hair over 5/8 in.) when pressure applied to bend it. Which is the character that makes this a fork hit proof material. It is essentially an industrial "rubber" the company classifies it as a, Shore A 90 hardness urethane rubber.

- Enjoy letting newbies use your now EDC carefree Slingshot. Fork hits? No problem they will not ruin this slingshot.

- It obviously can be milled, filed and sanded, so it can be altered should you want to modify some part of the slingshot. Expect the sanding at best to get to a satin look.

-The pics show them prior to more rounding of certain edges on the fork which some can be noted on one of the SSs in the pic with the two SSs.

-The only damage I could produce on the target was on the sharp edge which the SSs don't have.