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Hello all,

I posted this yesterday by way of introducing myself to the forum and was encouraged to post pictures on the custom thread too so more folk could see my latest creation. It's a slingbow made using Joerg's PDF and how to video, given a Star Wars twist (as I'm also a prop maker) modelled on the Wookiee weaponry from "Revenege of the Sith"

It shoots great, very powerful and pretty accurate (although I'm no bowman yet)

For those interested check out my prop website - not a great deal of catapult goodness but lots of stuff for all you big kids out there:


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Now THAT looks super cool!

A little known fact... when I was right out of High School Jerry Greenburg (Dune, etc.) tried to recruit me to go out to Cali and become a special effects maker too.
Sometimes I regret not taking that path... until I look at the faces of my Children!

Anyway, VERY neat stuff Man!
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