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Starting over

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I stumbled onto a video about shooting slingshots on Youtube and was amazed at the accuracy these shooters displayed. I have not shot a slingshot since the mid '80 and was never very good but decided it would give me something to do this winter. After looking at some on Amazon I ordered a small kit just to try it. In the mean time I've been surfing the Internet looking for as much information as I could find on shooting techniques and styles plus watching others exploits. I received my slingshot this afternoon (a Creeya over the top) and have put about 100 shots down range. I only have about 15 feet to shoot in my shop but I have noticed that my release has improved and I am able to put five shots into an inch and a quarter so I have a lot of hope. I can see several more headed my way in the future. I don't expect to post much but thoroughly enjoy reading everyone's post. Thanks for all the great information you have shared.


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