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Yep all shooting is about relaxing and repeating the actions that sends that projectile down the middle.
Only mistake I can see is that it should have been Corona lol
[quote name="devils son in law" post="1333068" timestamp="1565200073"]Life's too short to drink diet beer! If I'm cutting calories, I'll forego the second donut or stick with the small order of French Fries. :drinkup:
Real men don't drink fizzy yellow beer!!! :nono: My neighbors drink Miller Light, so I'm not mooching his beer and he's not asking for mine!

I still love ya tho, SJAaz !!![/quoteGerman oatmeal stouts are the manliest beer on earth. Of course, I naturally love them being so manily myself...
An Irish Stout or local Appalachian equivalent is good. A Dunkel is great!

For light beer I like Newcastle or any good brown ale.

CJW, you have fine taste, buddy. There is a lesser fine equivalent to those in Innis & Gunn I sometimes can get & a touch weaker Yuengling I love. Also it is cheap...

All that said learn to make brown beer gravy and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete. 12oz beer (any will do. Some will do better), 4 oz milk (more fat more flavor).

Bring flour, grease (last it was bacon and pork shoulder fat), salt, black pepper, and thyme (powered, not as much flavor, but 0 teeth picking) to a slow low-medium heat. Whisk the devil out of it. (Sip same beer). add milk and beer slowly until it thickens.

Poor over mash, roastes vegetables, and meat alike. (sip more beer).

I usually have a nap before I shoot after this recipe...
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