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A question for the knife makers out there...

I have just about finished building my coal forge, anvil is already done and now it's time for picking the right steels.

I have an almost endless supply of 9258 in flat bar & 9261 in round bar. For the price of a 6-pack of beer, a local suspension manufacturer will let me grab whatever I want from the off cuts bin. I love beer, it's the universal currency down under
The steel comes new in an untempered state. The manufacturer of the steel is Australian and all tempering information is available on the web site.

I would like to know your opinions on how good a steel this is for making a knife or machete.

Even if it's not that great, at least it gives me plenty of scrap to practise with before I spend the big dollars on a few lengths of D2 or VG30. I already have about 20 meters of each in various 30-60cm lengths.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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