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Hello everyone,
I just wanted to give ZDP (Dan) credit ,as due, to his camo fabric laminate slingshot. If you have read my other posts about this slingshot Dan made me a slingshot that was laminated from camo fabric and I have been shooting the daylights out of it and I have yet to find any faults. I recently procured a chrony and did some shooting over it with this slingshot . Shooting 1/4 " steel balls I reached 218 -223 fps......3/8" steel balls shot at 194 - 198 fps..... and 1/2 " steel balls shot at 169 - 173 fps. Now there is something about this slingshot and I. I have 1 wrist rocket, a Joerg Cougar, 5 natural forks , and 1 homemade board cut slingshot . I have at least 1 forkhit on each one......EXCEPT THE ZDP CUSTOM T1 FABRIC LAMINATE ! As of this writing I have shot 1265 steel balls of three different sizes , and 300 1/2" marbles thru the slingshot and everything is in the same great condition as when I recieved it ! Before shooting I inspect the fork and bands for delaminations and defects and also from time to time during shooting and everything is like new so, HATs off
to Dan
Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.
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