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Stunner Darts

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I just made these, waiting for the epoxy putty to harden, quite hefty material! I'm going to shoot some rubber dinosaurs with these, reminds of my childhood shooting at heavy toy figures with toyguns.


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The stunners in action.
Pretty much inspired by Lynn Thompson from ColdSteel, hunted to extinction!
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AMAZING stuff!!!
You're very creative when it comes to all things blowgun-related
You should have tried also some beer bottles and cans!!!
The darts seem to be effective, al least for that range. I wonder how they'll behave in 15 or 20 meters.
Best regards ...Q
I've been figuring a responsible way to shoot at glass bottles until now. There is no safe place for me to break glass.

This thing punched through 2 layers of thick cardboard at such range. Got to try longer range later.

Learned from this site about 17years ago, the site is still here! It has photos, but nowhere to be found anymore
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Awesome sight from way back in time!
Way back then, there were the Geezer Blowgun, BlowgunJoe, BlowgunHunter, and this guy. Got me started there. Was into blowgunning before discovering the Slingshot from that Geezer site, suggesting to use marbles as ammunition!

I remember making my very very 1st slingshot prototype from a steel coathanger, plastic bag as pouch, rubber from latex glove ring. Was wow'd and it all begins there...
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Found it! You see, my ideas mostly come from this, Yarn darts, spearhead darts, epoxy putty stunners, PVC pipe.. The age when YouTube didn't exist yet! And Micheal Janich's Breath of Death
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