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Due to these two photos started 3/4 long draw is working well for me. Grass Musical instrument Elbow Hat Leisure

Gesture Music Entertainment Thumb Event

Have been shooting full draw and getting more and more comfortable and accurate but tennis elbow and over worked shoulder was acting up.
Watching utube vids stumbled on
these sharpshooters and liked anchor and length of draw so gave it a go.
Well pleased and using 8mm
more and more with thinner longer bands to relieve right arm
Like that I draw both
Level and at the same time then bring bands to just touch cheek.
And most of all pinch index finger is very close to 90 degrees to bands providing cleaner release I feel.
I use my middle finger slightly over index for more strength to match thumb.
Cut a can today from 15 m with 8, about 25 shots was just fine with that.
This hobby is still keeping my interest after almost 2 years, fun to keep testing and learning!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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