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Hey Guys,

As many of you know, I recently completed and posted results of my latex band testing project.

Now, I seem to be surrounded by latex band samples, so I need to have a clearout.

So, I am selling the following latex band samples, which includes:


0.40 = 410mm

0.45 = 450mm

0.50 = 620mm

0.55 = 600mm

0.60 = 225mm

Precise 3rd Generation

0.40 = 515mm

0.45 = 285mm

0.50 = 520mm

0.55 = 635mm

0.60 = 510mm

0.65 = 435mm

0.70 = 455mm

0.75 = 435mm

SoBong Taichi

0.40 = 230mm

0.50 = 220mm

0.60 = 220mm

0.60 = 210mm (This is 105mm wide)

0.70 = 255mm

Sobong Xunmeng (This is the Anti Cold version.)

0.60 = 295mm

0.70 = 300mm

All the above are standard 150mm wide, unless otherwise stated.

I am asking for £40 plus postage cost.

If you are interested, then simply send me a PM.

As a gift, I am also going to include the following latex band samples: (See attached thumbnail)

GNOL (Red) 0.60 = 300mm

GWBK (Green) 0.60 = 300mm

ALS (Orange) 0.60 = 295mm

ALS (Orange) 0.70 = 295mm

Yongshuihu (Purple) 0.60 = 300mm

Yongshuihu (Purple) 0.70 = 245mm

(Yellow) 0.45 = 300mm (Don't know brand name - could be BSB)

(Yellow) 0.55 = 295mm (Don't know brand name - could be BSB)

I will also include 3 brand new products, which I am never going to use: (See attached thumbnail)

Slingshot Ammo Carrying Bag…valued at £4.86

SoBong Magnet with Buckle…valued at £4

SoBong Magnetic Ring…valued at £2.43

I also have 16 Complete Band Sets, which I have received in slingshots that I have purchased from China: (See attached thumbnail)

I am never going to use them, so I have included them too.

The different coloured bands are about 220mm long, and are tapered from 20mm to 12mm.

The band sets look to be at least 0.60mm - 0.70mm in thickness.

Also - when I was testing Sumeike, Precise & SoBong, I placed any off cuts which I felt may still be of usable size,

into their own individually labelled envelope for future use. I will include all these envelopes too.

Now, I am sure you will agree that this is worth every penny!

Regarding Uk / International postage costs, this parcel weighs just under 2000g.

Or you can pick it up if you are local.



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Hey Andylevangie,

To be honest, I don't have a favourite because I liked them all.

I tested Sumeike, Precise and SoBong, and found them all to be top quality latex.

I would use any one of them in a heartbeat. In fact, I would rotate between them.

Are you familiar with my testing threads?
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