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Perry, I'm really glad you like it.

Seeing as I gave it in trade with your fun little BB sling, I decided to give it a bandset to match. In the end, I decided the 4lbs of draw was no easier to control than 8lbs so I doubled the bands knowing you could always re-tie them.

In the spirit of the trade I also wanted to give it a wood-like grain, but in a plastic. That meant a phenolic or epoxy based laminate. I happened to have this G-10 in stock with alternating layers of red black and burgundy and so I put a little wave in it to mimic a natural material. I didn't take the wave too deep so it remains essentially flat. As you say, it'd slip nicely into a jeans hip pocket but the profile gives it a big-frame feel and resistance to draw torque.

Although made for BB plinking, the 5/16" or so thick G10 is well strong enough to handle your Ultra Bands or any bands of a strength that you are likely to choose to pull. The tip tie grooves are deep like you make and that makes for a secure attachment. The thinness should also make for a good band life if you shoot natural rubber bands.

I'll post a review of your excellent BB shooter once I have gotten my flip technique down pat.

Thanks again for the trade!
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