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Taking a rest

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Well, guys, I guess I won't be doing any slingshot activity for a while. As I've mentioned many times before, I have arthritis in my hands and they give me a lot of trouble, but now there is something else wrong. My left hand is so weak today -- something that has been building for a while -- that I couldn't even put enough pressure on the straightedge I use to cut bands. I had to get my wife to help me.. .

Then when after a struggle I cut a pouch and rigged my sidewinder up for some butterfly shooting, I found to my dismay that I just couldn't hold the pouch in that position. And I was only using one layer of 3/4-inch straight cut black thera. I have been letting shots fly accidentally all week, too, with my regular slingshots. It seems to conform to what some of my friends said were the symptoms they experienced when they got carpal tunnel syndrome. But whatever is going on, my left hand is pretty useless right now.

I am going to rest from making and shooting until the strength comes back, or I see a doctor about what's wrong. I am very sad about this. Very sad.

I will be looking and lurking, but I don't suppose I'll be having much to say for a while.

-- Dayhiker
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DH, wish you the best bud, hang in there.
Hey BIll, I know what you're going through Bud. I can only hope that you feel better soon. It really sucks not being even at the 80% mark which you and I would gladly take right now. Stay strong and Feel better my friend. Flatband
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Oh mate I'm so sorry to hear, I sincerely hope you get better and can shoot your slingshots again soon, however in the meantime couldn't you give your hands a rest with something less intensive like shooting a rifle or something?
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DH, sorry to hear it, take it easy, better to rest it now than really [email protected]#$ it up...hope to have you back shooting soon.
I hope you get better soon.Here is a remedy that helped a lot of people with arthritis.2table spoons of honey,1teaspoon of cinnamon in a glass of warm water morning and evening.It looks like a glass of mud water,but tastes OK.Natural remedies you have to take for a week or two before they start to work.
Bill sorry to hear that. Given some rest all should be A-Okay. Still look forward to you comments and GIFS.
Hey, thanks guys. Jaybird I will try that remedy. I heard of that before but never tried it. I will try it now, thanks.

Sam, I don't have any firearms. I was just making plans to get into archery too, dang it!

Wonder what I will do with my time now? Hope I don't get into trouble.
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Ahh, Bill, that just plain other way to put it really, what a bummer....

I really hope you get better, I'd suggest some fish oil every morning and to learn to adhere to the rule of moderation
that means no more 6 hour carving sessions, followed by banding up and then shooting for the rest of the day...

It's a shame this is happening when you have such skill with your hands, and motivation to keep using them and enjoying yourself.

All I have to say is, when you recover after some rest, to take it easy when back into the swing. Maybe invest in some tools that will let a load off your hands, and try teach your grandson to do the tying and floss attachments. Just do all the little things to help yourself out and you could keep it at bay. Other than that when it starts to nag you again, stop immediately...because once it gets real bad you may not be able to make a natural recovery with rest.

All I can say other than that is god willing the magic will return to your mits and you'll continue to grace us with pictures of your work, in less frequency as well.....

Take Care - John

p.s. maybe look into a keyboard and mouse that helps prevent carpal tunnel as well?
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If your budget, insurance plan, or inclinations allow- I strongly suggest acupuncture. The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as being effective for arthritis, and i can speak from personal experience with Carpal Tunnel symptoms. In the meantime keep it warm and moving. Not using your hands is almost as bad as using them too much. Hope you find relief soon.
John and Flip, I will do whatever I can to get back into making stuff. I already have an ergonomic keyboard, got it 2 years ago. Thanks for the encouragement.
This is sad news indeed, hope you get better soon DH!! My nextdoor neighbour has arthritis, he was told to stay off dairy products, chillies, tomatoes and even potatoes!! But was advised to take omega 3, fish diet, fish oils etc. He is at best of times fitter than me so i guess it works for him!!

All the best
Go to the doctors! I know it sucks but they might be able to help.
All the best Bill, hope your back at it soon.
I m sorry to hear that Bill. I had the same few month before, I took good rest and used a writs support about 3 months and using a cushioned mouse pad. Now I feel very comfort. Also consider about what Jaybird said.
Hope you'll recover soon!

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i am sorry to hear that and hope you will feel better soon!

maybe consulting a doc isn't a bad idea. a family member had the same symptoms and cortisol shots helped a lot.
Hey, thanks guys. Jaybird I will try that remedy. I heard of that before but never tried it. I will try it now, thanks.

Sam, I don't have any firearms. I was just making plans to get into archery too, dang it!

Wonder what I will do with my time now? Hope I don't get into trouble.
Games console?
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Bill I'm am sorry too hear that you are hurting in your hands. I will pray the healing begin to take place of whatever is wrong. Best regards Frogman
Get well soon Bill. You will be missed my mate.
Hey DayMan,
You might consider making a glove shooter so you can continue to do what it is you love.
I wish you well.
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