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While waiting for the refrigerator repair guy to show up on Friday, here I am at 0125hrs on Thursday, thinking that I'll wake up my bubble-butted GF who is sleeping upstairs, if I were to play my guitars, ukuleles, fiddle/violin (depends whether or not I'm wearing shoes while playing), pennywhistles/tinwhistles or harmonica, and somehow my mind went to do something quietly, like think about crafting some targets from among the thousands of different size/color bottlecaps I've collected over the years (everything has a use sometimes).

I wanted to keep it simple in construction and without having to mess with glues/cements etc., and certainly without chocolate syrup, for that would attract ants. Lots of ants.

Items used:

Plastic bottle cap - size and color optional

Hot ice pick to create lovely holes in said plastic bottle cap

Pair of pliers, slip-joint or not

Needle nose pliers

Construction/keep off the freakin' grass flag

Bolt/heavy duty wire cutter to cut the flag stem to desired length

A good dose of boredom

For those who I KNOW will ask "Why is there the letter "G", on the bottle cap"? "G" stands for "great innovation", at least today it does.

See the images then have fun - BTW - the construction flags, sold by the bundle, (Home Depot, etc.) are quite inexpensive, and leftover sections make GREAT blowgun darts. PS - they spin when hit or a dog pees on them. You don't have to stick them into Mother Earth, you can hang them as well. Versatile, huh???

Clever guy, that...



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