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Bill the Taurus OTT is awesome! As soon as I picked it up my accuracy improved tremendously.
I have been using a competitors frame with tubes and struggling with accuracy. As soon as I got this baby in my hands using flats I started hitting my target 8 out of 10 shots. Previously to that, I have been hitting my target 2 out of 10.
Awesome design Bill! I'm loving it!
Thanks for the Kudos Man!

I think you may have inadvertently stumbled upon one of my most favored design concepts... In the past I would at times make a slingshot that had elaborate and totally unnecessary materials and decoration... and as a result, I created many that turned into "shelf queens", beautiful pieces that never get taken out and used as an EDC or really even used that much due to people being scared they might mess up the finish or leave a dent....

So after a time I decided to simplify things and work on form, function and the best material for the job, use no unnecessary decoration, and no distracting architecture on the slingshot...

So now I make slingshots as simple as possible from the best material for the design, in the form I want to get the job done how I want the job to be done.

In the case of the Taurus', I wanted something that would be super stable, so holding on target would be easy... yet having superior "pointability"... Small enough to be easily pocketed... fork width perfect for a face or cheekbone anchor (a tournament shooter's slingshot).... yet the forks are wide enough in between to allow for easy ammo passage.... made from a custom proprietary polycarbonate composite specifically developed for use in slingshots...

and all at a price that makes it easy to afford, even for a kid!
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