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Technical question

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Hello everyone,

Just a litte but important question :

When some people on this forum speak about for instance streching bands to 400%:
Does it means that the draw length will be: 4 x initial length ?
Or does it means that the draw length will be: intial length + 4 x initial length = 5 x initial length

I think the first one is more curantly used but I ask this question because I saw the second definition used in a theraband data table. I know that Theraband use the second definition because a percentage below 100% does not make sens with the first definition.
I hope nobody has been misled by this subtlety.

Here is an example of discussion about % of draw with Joerg and Torsten.
Here is the Theraband data table :
Slope Font Parallel Rectangle Screenshot


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I always mean 100% is doubled, not unstretched. It's "% elongation", not .% length".

If you're see someone say they're shooting at 400% the probably mean 400% unstretched length, because 400% elongation is a lot; probably enough to tear the bands.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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