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Following my previous post showing the mostly 3D printed slingshot rifle I'd made, then the post warning not to make slingshots out of 3D printed plastic following a fork break (Doh!), here's a post showing the all metal slingshot rifle I've just made.

There's something very compelling about shooting these rifles, I think it's the accuracy and the recoil.

As before it's made from a tripod leg so the pull is adjustable and it folds down to 14" for transport. The shoulder rest unscrews. This time the fork is actually one of the forks from the 6 take-down slingshots I made, the fork attaches using the same method as on the take-down slingshots with a quick detach thumb nut, so I can swap in and out if I want to.

It has fully adjustable peep sights that fold for transport.

This time I've used the Dankung type tubes and I was interested to find that this sling rifle is more accurate than the flat band one I built, which echos my findings with normal slingshots (that's why I only shoot Dankung tubes).

Anyway. it needs finessing. polishing and the rough edges knocking off but it's basically done.

Keep at it folks....


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