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I bought a couple of slingshot rifles and very much enjoyed shooting them. The problem was the size, they are too big and too heavy to carry out on a mooch - I shortened one and made a removable shoulder stock so that it fitted into an 800mm tactical bag but it was still too much.
There are a couple of telescopic slingshot rifles on the Bay from Chinese sellers so I took that as inspiration for my own design.
I bought a photographic tripod and removed a leg from it to make the limb of the rifle.
I wanted to have a long draw so it had to be flat bands, I can't be doing with lashing bands to forks so I just went for tying a knot in the band and using a tapered hole and slot in fork (the same method as Dankung bands use) and it works very well. As the bands are pulled the knot is drawn into the tapered hole and I can change bands in seconds.
The fork is 3D printed and has a 50mm shoot through aperture and a peg front sight on the top limb.
At the back end the receiver block has two posts and a rotating thumb trigger for the ball release.
The shoulder stock is made from the smallest section of tripod leg and rotates to lock in two posisions, one is inline with the limb (for carrying) and the other is at 30 degree downward rake to the rear (for shooting).
The sights are diopter type and offer 2.5" elevation and 1" windage adjustment. The sights fold flat for carrying.
All the stressed parts of the receiver block have steel bolts running through to reinforce them as a belt and braces safety measure, but I don't think it's really necessary.
Folded, the rifle measures just 14" and still fits in the original tripod bag, it weighs 7 oz
At full length it measures 44" with the stock and offers 33" of draw.
A nice feature is that the draw is adjustable anywhere between 14" and 33" so with it set short I can shoot indoors at low velocity.
At full length it's running 200 fps with a 9.5mm steel ball.
Accuracy-wise it will make a 0.75" raggedy hole at 10yds, which is as good as the commercial slingshot rifles I have.
Ergonomically it's a little unusual. The shooting style is my usual side on TTF.
There is no pistol grip, the forward reach for the right hand is very short so a conventional pistol grip would need an exagerrated elbow up stance therefore I went for a forward facing finger grip instead, this combined with the thumb trigger gives a very comfortable shooting hold. There is a ring attached to the leg clamp at the front of the limb and placing the index finger of the left hand through that gives a very firm hold. It's important to remember not to place fingers around the limb becuase the bands are only 20mm from it.
It's great fun to shoot, it actually recoils when the ball is loosed!


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