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Here are the results of tests on the standard Dankung configuration, i.e. one long tube, looped, with both ends tied at the pouch. This chart clearly shows that at the lighter projectile weights, 2040 is more powerful than 1842. Somewhere between 161 grains and 173 grains, 1842 takes the lead. These figures represent velocities ranging from a high of 267 fps to a low of 119 fps. As a matter of interest, I recorded 302.7 fps with the same .30 cal ball and a pseudo taper 2040 set, proving that more is not always better.
Maximum recorded power was 17.17 lb/ft.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any ammo that weighs 250 grains, so the jump from 205 to 308 is a bit more than I would have liked. Once all my tests are complete, I will make them available. I still have two more band configurations to test.

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Mr. hermit. Thank you for all your great research do you have any recommendation for tube set up beer single or tapered or looped tubes to get me to as close to 300 ft./s with 10 mm lead weigh 92 grain. I shoot fall butterfly with a 58 inch fall draw I usually cut my bands to around 12 inches however I am new to two world I currently have some 1632?, And from 1842. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated thank you so much

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