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Option 1 a + b (the simple option) - you can either pull straight through the frame - or have the tube/s wrap around the edge of the fork TTF - you can also use the matchstick method.


Option 2 (Toddy's paracord tabs) - you can also use Chicago bolts and leather tabs - or simply take the tubes pull trough the hole and slip back over the posts.


Option 3 - snared wrap and tuck - bound wrap and tuck but you loop the binding rubber through the hole and 'snare' the tube before wrapping. Can also simply wrap and tuck.

Option 4 - ball-in-tube (single tube) - basically same as option 1 - but uses a ball inserted in the tube to achieve the same result.

Hope that helps?
I know it’s an old thread but interesting nonetheless.
I like the options presented here.
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