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Obviously I must think that I have the best designed pouch or I would be making a different design. Anybody including myself can make the claim that they have the best pouch and buy doing so they infer that every body else's is inferior!
I stay away form making claims like "The Best" because it is subject to interpretation. What is the best pouch? Is it the most accurate?, lightest?, easiest to make?, highest priced?, longest lasting?, best leather? fastest shooting?, with centering dimple?, fanciest name?, easiest to modified?, with centering hole and what size?, with "Vent" holes?, most tested?, technically designed?, one size over another?. Is one shooters opinion better that another?
There are several fine pouches out there and I don't think that any one is better than another. Just try them all and pick the one that you like best and fits your pocket book.

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Dr J
Jun 26 2013 07:43 AM

I tend to agree with your statement about claiming that my things are the best. I say mine is the second best! When those claiming to be the best are proved not to be, then there is no doubt whose is.

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