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Well, according to my profile I've been on here about a month and a half and have only been slinging for a few weeks before that. Ive seen a few others do this and I felt I'd like to do the same. And that is, give a heartfelt thank you to this forum and its members.
I've learned so much and every day learn some cool new trick here to make slinging that much more enjoyable. The community is probably one of the best on the web, and that's truly saying something (Especially if you've ever played Halo!).
Everyone I've interacted with has been more than willing to help me out in any way that I've needed, giving pointers, clearing up confusions without judgement, even offering personal supplies that they might have a backstock of.
I've been constantly met with kindness and patience for the knowledge level I'm currently at, which at this point is just enough to be dangerous, and still in the asking dumb questions phase .
Anyway I don't want to fill ya'll with too much hot air, but you're a good bunch and I'm happy to be part of the community. I hope I can pay it forward to other members in any way I'm able, as much as I'm able, and I'm certain I'll have that opportunity. Alright then, back at it.

- Ryan (Sandstorm)
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