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Thank you TreeFork for many things, but especially this

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It's been a few years since TreeFork told me this, but I've always remembered what he said. He said "just have fun". It's a simple term, it doesn't take much thought to understand it, unless you are me????‍♂???? one example it reminded me of was when we were kids, we cut a fork took an old inner tube and cut the tongue out an old shoe. Tied it up grabbed some rocks an "Had Fun" I don't remember if I shot vertical, gangster or something else. We just "Had Fun"
I promise I won't drag this out, well not too long. For years I wanted to be bigger,, not huge just a little bigger. Well I got more than I wished for. Now that I have tried for years to lose FAT it's not Fun. Here's my point Finally????‍♂ When I start out by saying "Ok this is the day I start eating healthier" First day goes by???? Until boredom sets in and the newness wears off. Then every day seems like eternity. Now when I go out and shoot slingshots and the more fun than should be allowed nasty guns I have fun. Too bad it's not good for weight loss. Maybe if we just "Have Fun" instead of keeping track at first????
There are several members that obviously enjoy this sport, but one that comes to mind is KawKan.???????? check out his videos???? We were at a slingshot tournament and out of nowhere I here Stairway to Heaven being played on a Ukulele???? you talk about relaxed, he just "Had Fun " there sat KawKan???? He just has fun.
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That's the key to life just have fun.
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