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I would just like to thank Hawk2009 for sending me one of his slingshots and asking me what i thought of it, well here go,s.
I think it a nice liitle slingshot, i love the way you have made the slits for the bands, i can put my tubes on in seconds, handy when hunting, i tried it with thin bands 1st on a target and only had 2 shots before i was hitting round the target, i spent all afternoon shredding tin cans, then put some stronger bands and tried it up the farm and got a few rats, so i am very pleased with it, so i took it this morning and shot this rabbit from out my car window on the farm lane were i do my hunting, thanks again jeff.

just over 10meters

and the one for the pie this morning, the rabbits do a lot of damage to crops this time a year,
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