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Don't worry, no heavy math is involved. Algebra 2 was as far as I ever got in school.
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I was doing some actual target shooting today when I came up with what I think is a suitable equation for accuracy. It occured to me because when I was shooting at 2", 3", and 4" circles at 33', chest high I did ok but not great. 8-10 out of 20 within 3" group, 5 in 4", couple of strays. However when I put 2 pop cans on my fencepost and backed up to 48-50' at a different angle I took them out in three shots. Why?
At first I thought it was something about my mechanics that hindered my chest-high level shooting (and it may yet be, to some extent) but I think the real answer is in my habits in practice. I've always shot at objects, not drawn cicrles. Cans of various size, jar lids, quarters. I like the tactile sensation of moving an object with the shot. I also like the way there isn't such a thing as "close enough" when shooting an object, you either hit it or don't. This is only my 3rd or fourth time shooting at a proper target sheet and it seems to be outside of my comfort zone.
So how to fix it? The obvious answer is to practice more, which I will. It got me to thinking, though, about how far I've come in terms of accuracy and how I got there. The key elements to me seem to be comfort, consistency and practice, but not in equal measure. I'm very comfortable with my primary slingshot and ammo size and the bands I'm using ( the Moose , 3/8" steel and Tex's Field bands) and I'm comfortable knocking out cans at varying distances. This leads to consistency. My style, anchor, hold and aim are pretty much set. All that's required is practice.
The accuracy equation is:
(Comfort + Consistency)Practice = Accuracy .
That is to say, find a slingshot setup that you are comfortable with, get consistent with it and practice will improve your accuracy exponentially

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Mar 07 2011 08:02 PM

Fun cultivates repetition...Repetition breeds perfection.

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Mar 07 2011 08:13 PM

Fun cultivates repetition...Repetition breeds perfection.
Not bad!

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Mar 08 2011 07:36 AM

I like it.

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Mar 08 2011 06:00 PM


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Mar 11 2011 11:41 AM

Repetition + Attitude = Perfection ... ?

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Mar 13 2011 06:27 AM

A good approach.And sometimes understanding does come by repetition.
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