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I am that guy that would have painted a barn scene over the Mona Lisa.

Many of you have watched my progression from the Ugly Stick, of which you can now tell that I run out if stick!

After shooting TAR--Part II I realized I still had a stick, and not a sling. I've created 'twin' fork tips and a FHHFHDG (FullHandHoldFourFingerDeathgrip) right handed hold only for this little monster. This is going to be my EDC Holstered Sling for when I have to go into the B.S.--(Big City)! I will be able to put a marble sized hole into a pie-sized tin at 7 paces.

If I miss that shot I can follow up with the Cavity Creator that is welded to the butt. I will be sending royalties to Flipgun for this blatant design manipulation!

I am going to band it up after the BLO evaporates and I get a little wax on it. This.Sling.Will.Shoot.

Thanks Again For ALL of the Forum Support and inspiration. My first official unnatural-natural (since '71) is in the books....aka, no Part 4!

Mojave Mo

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