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IMHO you can refuse to accept it. but it doesn't mean bad days don't exist. If you can get out of bed on the wrong side in the morning (or in my case the afternoon) then you can have a lame day shooting. Granted I'm new to getting into this.

I am an avid fire arms guy and musician. Which you wouldn't think match up. I have had days where my guitar playing is terrible. Makes people run. And other days I'm spot on. Same with shooting. Some days I'm Clint Eastwood and some days... not.

But breaks! Oldmiser is spot on with that. You can reach the point where your mind wants to do well and you get frustrated, lose your cool, known or not, and then it all falls apart. I'm the same with all kinds of things.

Slingshots are a blast too. So you want to keep going. I'm fanatical when I start doing something. I have to stand back, take a breather... maybe even call it a day and watch some TV.

Or you can do something involving slingshots too. Putting on new bands, check out some You Tube video. It can keep you in a good mindset, you can learn some stuff and keep positive about it all.

Might just fix that bad day.

(I was going to say that was my two cents but I can't find a place to make change so you can have the whole dollar's worth.)
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