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The BB Chronicles

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Here in 'Merica we call em' BB's. If you want to call em' .177 steel then you can do that as long as you aren't standing in my garage.

"Shoot the BB's to increase your accuracy!", they said. "Shoot the Paper to increase your accuracy!", they said. Honestly, as I gain in age there are two words that I cannot stand to hear. It looks and sounds like this.......'You Should'.

This last January I was about to enter the build competition for the month and realized that I COULD make a BB Shooter, but I never took to shooting the BB ever in my shooting past. Marbles, wheel bearings, rocks and acorns were my ammo. The BB was just too danged small. Couldn't feel them, couldn't see them, couldn't deal with them outside of an airgun and ultimately just referred to them as Devil's Tears!

I had been curious and watching some of youz shoot the BB regularly and with some excellent accuracy. I just figured you BB shooters couldn't afford real ammo or you had hands the size of a 10 year old and that if that was what you had then it was likely you just learned to like it.

However. I did have a Warrior BB Pouch in the pile and figured I would just grow up a little and see if the Myth of the BB was real. Now I am about 4500 shots into 86---3x2 homemade targets with a 1" circle. I did shoot every round between 16 and 20 feet in the garage depending on when the wife was out and if the weather put me in there.

Summary: I think it works. My release and focus after shooting this many BB's is definitely moving me into a little different shooting mindset. My 8mm and 9.5mm shooting have gotten better for me which means I am usually hitting 6 or 7 in a row at 33+feet before I get a miss. I busted the Warrior Pouch at target #84 and figured I'd be done with this as the weather is warming up. But no, I just bought some PP .177 pouches so that I can keep working this out?! 🎯🙈:LOL:
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