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Last year I carved out a couple of frames to enter into the SOTM Competitions. The end results were fun, almost shootable, and of course provided a great learning experience too. After watching these two frames bounce around in a drawer I got a wild hair and an idea to reach out to a Master Carver and submit them for consideration into a Master Carver Makeover. Of course I was imagining one of those reality TV Shows where the contestant shows up with a deplorable tattoo that they hope to have turned into a basket of flowers. You see what I am thinking right?

Some of you will recall these frames in their original form. I have included three photos of those frames. The curvy frame actually went through 4 renditions trying to find my sweet spot before I took this photo.

The squared off frame was shouting out to the world to find the beauty inside.

Suffice to say that the end results after the professional makeover is off the charts. I didn't have any input other than, "Do you think you can save it from the burn pile?"

Yea I am blown away in all aspects of these re-makes. If you have an ugly duckling yearning to be a swan then send me a message and I will have a word with the guy who knows the guy that is a cousin of this guy that did the work. Cheers, Mo!


1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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