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The Black Phoenix

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The Black Phoenix with double Thera-Band Gold Hunter Bands from Fish of Hunter Catapults. I glued two bits of multipex together with wood glue. Twenty four hours later after the glue had time to set i started the long job of shaping and sanding.
This took 7 hours to shape, sand, stain and wax.

Thank you to Joerg Spave for his great designs and everyone else here on

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wow...what a beautiful approach to the phoenix...perfection.
Great job!

The Phoenix with the fir cone shaped handle is now my favourite design. Perfect hammer grip ergonomics, low fork, wide enough so fork hits won't ever happen. The frame is very small and pocketable, yet super strong.

This is a slingshot reduced to the core. Y shaped, but with a fork angle that you won't find in a natural, and a handle that is thicker in the middle than naturals will usually allow. No curves, just straight lines.

nice work mate.
Thats a really good job, and i love the colour, jeff
That looks amazing and i love the colour
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Very nice piece. I bit is a great shooter. Have you tried it already?? Saludos,
I think when one is inspired by another designer's work must be done with justice and good effort, you have not done more than justice, I was excellent mi amigo.
Wow! That's a great looking slingshot... The shape, the finish, everything! Excellent work.
May I ask a dumb question? How do Joerg and yourself achieve the palm swell?
I don't know how UKslingshots works, but what I do is to laminate two or sometimes three pieces of wood together, then I take the rasp and work out the swell.

It is like Michelangelo, who saw David in the big marble block and simply removed everything that did not look like him...

The outstanding beauty lies in the simplicity and yet perfect relations both of it's shape and dimensions
! Great work

greetz , Holzwurm
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"Jörg's design with Fish's hunter bands." what a perfect combination....
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