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Sling mail
HDPE dragon from samurai samoht
And he had a sling that I have been trying to find because I think it is the perfect size that I want and the color and so I got to be able to get that to and that's a
YSYEO hdpe littlefoot as soon as I can find a template frame I want that some Bocote on this would be nice
This is red white and blue matches some of my other slingshots perfect fit for the size I wanted now I can stick with the 0PFS have some fun I have most sizes I need
After a real fancy pretty ones maybe
But it's opfs guys "Terry at bonegrip got me hooked f--r "I think I might even start collecting them as many as I can with them little "shifts"
The HDPE dragon is really nice for the price guys you can't go wrong with that it's light it's thinner than some others I've held like it finish is nice I wouldn't hesitate to get another one if I saw the design he did I liked
So with the littlefoot I don't have to buy an LBS it's just the same size unless I do one of them custom pretty jobs that he does on just to have one for show " stars and bars with tax return
Don't need a tax return with Samuri SAM0HT prices are right Quality good guys don't pass him up

Also got a carbon gzk opfs I bought it used from raventree78 but it's not used and the guy sent me two beautiful lanyards extra bands the whole works beautiful
So good the gzk is in the last pic


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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