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The Chinese Connection

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Had no way to adjust scope with shotgun without firing off a few... which is a big no no in the middle of the city. So ordered a laser cartridge from China.

I had a laser bore-sighter for other calibers but not for 12 gauge. Now I do:

Finger Rectangle Electric blue Font Thumb

Cosmetics Font Household hardware Magenta Wood

Hand Finger Material property Nail Audio equipment

Sky Plant Tree Automotive tire Tints and shades

Automotive lighting Plant Sky Leaf Tree

It does exactly what it sez on the tin. No rude surprises.

As you can see it doesn't have an on/off switch... put the batteries in and chamber it. Take the batteries out when you are done. Brilliant.


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If you do it correctly you can fire marbles out of 12 gauge shotguns with no choke I.E. cylinder bore. It functions like a full metal jacket round and looses power quick but it is handy when you can't find slugs to buy and you have a feral animal problem. Just shoot 'em close and they go down hard.
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