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The flip is an important part of the action of a OTF (over the fork) slingshot design.
  • When the band is under tension, the fork tips provide the anchor point that applies tension and also sets the aim point
  • When the tension is mostly released, and the projectile is mostly travelling under momentum, it carries the fork out of the way of the bands and projectile
This 1000 frame per second high speed video of mine illustrates it well:

What happens is the fork naturally flips as tension of the bands slacken and the user still exerts a degree of skeletal-muscular resistance to the draw, flipping the fork forward.

Various factors will increase this effect:
  • Fork extension
  • Tall forks (to a degree)
  • Strong bands (to a degree)
  • Heavy ammo (to a degree)
Smaller forks and zero forks require a more conscious flip.

Deflex forks and through forks (TTF) work differently.
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