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Hi guys, first post.
I'm a 27 year old gameranger in SA and recently had a daisys pistol grip fail and hit me in the face so I decided to do some research and came across Jorgs all steel "Magnum" slingshots. His designs made perfect sense, metal=strong, so I decided to come up with my own design.

I desided to set the fork quite far forward to extend the draw length and decided to stay with the pistol grip. I wanted to keep the wrist brace as I damaged my left shoulder in a motorcycle crash. The steel is 20mm square tube and the grip is pratley putty. Its quite heavy but very strong. I will change the way of attaching the tube as I'm going to be using a single 10mm tube either side (ID 5mm latex sergical).

It is certainly no pocket slingshot but I intend to use this one as my hunting slingshot.

Thanks again Jorg, far from your standard but its a start.

Any ideas to make it better.
Yes, use an old crutch and modify it...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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