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As many of you know since I picked up a flip last November I have been pretty routinely harassing the local grouse. Well today was a great end to a great season. I was blessed to be able to meet up with my wife and we walked the trails near our home with our dog. It was less than a half mile when the first bird exploded from the bushes and landed in the trees about 80 yards away. After breakdancing my way across the almost thick enough to walk on snow crust, I pulled up for a shot and POW! I hit the branch above him and the bird was gone! Bird two did not fare so well, and he was spotted not far from where bird one landed. I took a moment to gather myself and put a lead ball in a pouch. I focused on a clean draw, let my breath out and let the release happen as the tip of my fork tracked up to the base of his neck. I drilled him. Bird down. There was some flapping an the dog got on him quick and plucked a bit of his belly for me as he likes to do. I said Leave it! and Salty Dog looked up with his muzzle covered in belly feathers. One bird in the bag.

Another 300 yards down the trail my wife spotted a bird on the ground before my dog even had a whiff of it. She pointed it out to me and moved to get in close. I stopped at what I thought was about 15 yards and let one fly. I must have been farther than I estimated as this ball dropped about 3 inches hitting the bird square in the gullet, but he was not going anywhere A quick recovery and a broken neck put him out if his misery.

Bird 3 was all Salty Dog's work. While I was dealing with bird 2 he was off sniffing around and flushed up the one you will see on the video. This bird landed about 8 yards from me and huddled into some thick spruce trees. The shot was not a long one, but it was very tricky as I could only see about the first half of his head through the sticks. I stood there a long time trying to get a bead on him, I was afraid that this close he would bolt if I moved around to get a better angle, So I figured at this range If I hit him it would be over, or (more likely) it would be a clean miss. So drew back and let one rip. You can see the rest on video!

We had a great day and I now know that my new driftwood natty works just fine. I need to get rid of a few slingshots, I can't justify owning several plastic slingshots when these natties are so classy and deadly.

The grouse get a break until August or September, so you may see the periodic squirrel harvested from me, but I may be a bit less frequent with my pictures and stories. We will both have to wait until next year.

Bird # 3 is the one in the middle. I hit him in the head right behind the beak.
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