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Now here is a odd thing. I'm a hermit. Plain and simple..days will go by and my truck never moves. I can buy a used truck with 80K miles on it, drive it for years and never reach 100K. Got a nice yard, nice shop, and the liquor store is just a block away. I'm even worse now that I'm widowed. So along comes this quarantine business and folks, it's bugging the beejeepers out of me! :mad: It's not so much doing something, it's being told that I shouldn't.

Now, I have often said that what with the books, U-tube, internet and these fancy phones and all, if you are bored, you must be a boring person. There is a lot of things that I could do around here, But I just don't wanna. I'm bored and restless. Some of it might be 'cause I've been around for over 3/4 of a century and overstayed my visit. But I think that for the most part, I'm just lazy and spoiled.

Rank over!

Be safe and give those loved ones a hug from me.

I have similar feelings Steve - boredom not so much but I can be as lazy as anyone. Recently I was forced to accept some motivation - the pre-leukemia condition I have is suddenly gaining ground, but simple exercise holds it at bay or even reverses it. I'm not ready for the big time out yet, so I've developed a daily exercise regimen and keep track of it meticulously on a chart. So, a simple goal has motivated me and lifted my spirits. Feel free to PM anytime if you want.

- Ward.
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