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The Micro Fiber Pouches I Use Now !

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Here is a list of the micro Fiber pouches I use at the present time - From top to bottom:

1) GM-BW 40mm x 13mm x 8mm Pouch

2) GM-BW 43mm x 14mm x 7mm Pouch

3) GZK 43mm x 13mm x 7mm Pouch

4) Ali Express 45mm x 10mm x 7mm Pouch

5) GZK 48mm x 13mm x 8mm Pouch

6) GM-BW 48mm x 15mm x 8mm Pouch

7) Ali Express 50mm x 14mm x 8mm Pouch

All these pouches work great, the GZK with the holes on the sides are very fast to load, a super pouch as is the tiny 40mm GM-BW on top.

The Ali Express 45mm is a super cheap yet great pouch for 1/4" and 5/16" steel and is barely capable of 3/8" steel also.

The last two on the bottom are my generic type pouches that are both great for any size "Small Ball" (1/4"-3/8") you may decide to use. I would never go over 50mm in length for any ammo 3/8" or smaller.


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Is #5 (GZK 48mm x 13mm x 8mm Pouch) comfortable for 3/8" steel? Do the double counter sunk holes/locators work well with no sticky releases? I've looked at them several times and they look like they'd be nice. How does the microfiber compare to quality leather. The small Chinese microfiber pouches I've used work fine, but I also really like the way leather wears in. Is there a formula for pouch size relative to ammo size? Thanks for posting all this.

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