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The Micro Fiber Pouches I Use Now !

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Here is a list of the micro Fiber pouches I use at the present time - From top to bottom:

1) GM-BW 40mm x 13mm x 8mm Pouch

2) GM-BW 43mm x 14mm x 7mm Pouch

3) GZK 43mm x 13mm x 7mm Pouch

4) Ali Express 45mm x 10mm x 7mm Pouch

5) GZK 48mm x 13mm x 8mm Pouch

6) GM-BW 48mm x 15mm x 8mm Pouch

7) Ali Express 50mm x 14mm x 8mm Pouch

All these pouches work great, the GZK with the holes on the sides are very fast to load, a super pouch as is the tiny 40mm GM-BW on top.

The Ali Express 45mm is a super cheap yet great pouch for 1/4" and 5/16" steel and is barely capable of 3/8" steel also.

The last two on the bottom are my generic type pouches that are both great for any size "Small Ball" (1/4"-3/8") you may decide to use. I would never go over 50mm in length for any ammo 3/8" or smaller.


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Didn't realize you could create a pocket in the microfiber pouches. Why I gave up on them and went to a leather laminated pouch.

Here are a few pics of my down and dirty fiber pouch shaping I do - I put a 1/4" ball in the small micro pouch and then put that pouch in another thin leather pouch so the dimple is more pronounced, I then squeeze, let sit for a couple of minutes, then remove - the finish pouch is the third photo. The dimple looks more pronounced on the right side but that is just the lighting and angle of the photo.

I don't have a heat gun handy put that would make the dimple even better I believe.

This shaping of the side makes loading MUCH, MUCH easier and I do it most of the time without looking as the ball has a home and goes into that position when put in the pouch. The side dimpling is really a great thing for ball position.

Heating of the pouch works just great also, but these particular fiber pouches are very heat sensitive, hence the reason I form these !




Newbie. Didn't realize you can form a pocket in a microfiber pouch until now. Thanks. Reason I gave up on them and went to a leather laminated pouch.
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