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Hello everybody,

For the PS mod.3, I downsized my birch plywood-based "Twin-Loop" design by removing the holes and narrowing down the fork width to enable a comfortable pinch-grip for low forks.

After the basic shape was cut out with an electric jigsaw, a rasp was used to shape the edges, followed by that usual challenging filing and sandpapering session. All in all about 3 and a half hours of work from start to finish.

The dimensions of my new design, which will be available in the templates section, are as follows:

Length = 11 cm.

Width = 9 cm.

Inner fork width = 4 cm.

Fork tip width for O.T.T. flat bands = 25 mm.

Width between the pinch-grip grooves = 5.5 cm.

Baltic birch plywood thickness = 22 mm. (18 mm minimum thickness is recommended).

I initially stained the wood with a water-based color, which was followed by two layers of water-based wood sealant.

The PS mod.3 feels very comfortable in the hand (standard hand size), and is intended as a target shooting frame for steel ammo sizes up to 10 mm. The design should be appropriate for suitable hardwoods as well.

Here are some images:


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