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The perfect target

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Ok, i started like everyone else with tin cans. Decided that i needed a smaller target so, i drilled a golf ball and hung it on a string. Worked great in helping with smaller groups but when hit you never knew where the ball would go. A couple times right back at me. Needed some thing softer. Stole a hollow rubber hockey puck from the grandkids. Better, but still some bounce back. Got this idea to take a tennis ball and drill a hole for string and cut it like an orange. Wala, works great, mo more bounce back and only 3" in diameter, perfect target.
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Some pictures of my backstop and my targets. Tennis ball is working great.
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10 to 20 meters, seems indestructible so far, lead balls hit it and fall straight down. Another benefit is that it is very quiet when hit, a dull thud. Might be helpful if you have sensitive neighbors.
The range is 80 yards from the house, not worried about bugs, it also doubles as an archery range. I can shoot a max of 45 yards.
At first I thought that I would leave the bottom attached but as it worked out I decided to cut straight through. Still maintains the round shape and controls the shot better. It has over 150 shots on it with .375 and .440 Cal. lead so far and still holding up well.
Glad you guys like it. Just came to me the other night.
Anybody try this yet? Feedback welcome.
Brad, range is set up for ss right now, did not get hay this fall for the backstop. With the leaves falling my range is getting more exposed to general traffic along the road so it sees limited use now. Been shooting inside my fenced yard at 10 m at a pellet trap.
Next time we get together i will bring along a full size deer foam silouette i have for you to have a go at with your long bow.
U R welcome, mine has over 400 shots on it and still looks the same.
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